Case Study

Stable Conversion

The conversion of a stable belonging to a large farmhouse which originally was owned by Chatsworth. 

Fabulous Stable Conversion

The walls were in a reasonable condition but the rest of the stable was almost in ruins.
A new roof was needed and the interior required to be entirely gutted. There was an outdated water supply and an ancient wire providing electricity for a light or two.
The main drains to the farm were found under the driveway which meant that the positioning of the bathroom, en suit and toilets to these drains would hinder the planning and design of the interior. However, by luck, some existing drains were found at the rear of the property which suited our plans better.
The conversion provided two dwellings each with three bedrooms toilet and bathroom, one with an en-suite.

The entrance for the horses and cart was made into a bay window and the grooves made by the cart wheels over many years but this feature had to be dealt hidden when the floors were treated, levelled and screeded.

Gable End Extension

To achieve the best layout , we needed Planning Permissions to build an extension to the gable end and kitchen extension at the rear. Once approved the work went ahead.
This Gable extension was built on foundations which had to be dug out of solid limestone rock which impeded gaining more room at ground level but the extension provided an ample single bedroom at the front and a bathroom at the rear.

Limestone is a difficult stone to cut or drill. Stones were chosen to match the existing building and corner stones inserted.
The roof was previously at different levels which meant the roof over the gable extension had to be raised to accommodate the height needed in the new bedroom and bathroom. As the condition of the whole of the roofing was poor, the whole dwelling was re-roofed in slate.

Slate Roof with Velux Windows

Here can be seen the new slate roofs of the kitchen extension in staggered levels
and Velux roof lights used to give the kitchens a bright pleasant working area. Windows were made in the style most suitable to the appearance of the whole building and adhered to the acceptance by the Planning Board.

The chimneys were renovated and lead flashing placed around the base. All the windows were custom made using double glazing.

Fitted Kitchen

Inside this extension is a bright well designed, well fitted kitchen with granite worktops, induction hob, oven and extractor fan fitted to manufacturer’s instructions.

The units were also fitted with child safety devices. The floor is tiled with anti slip tiles.

The utility side of the kitchen would have been rather dark requiring electric lighting but the half-glazed door and the Velux roof light solved that need.
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